Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So I Want To Get a Free iPod...

I've been wanting to get some sort of mp3 player for awhile now. Portability is a real issue for me, since I have hundreds of cds and hundreds of music files on my computer. Trying to burn multiple mix cds just isn't realistic timewise for me, so I began researching what was available to me in terms of technology. Again and again, I kept coming back to the iPod. It had received high marks from various sites and is now Windows compatible.

The problem was still the price. As impending unemployment and a slow job market make any funds I have even more precious, the idea of buying an mp3 player seemed almost frivolous. Then I read something on Wired.Com about a legitimate site where you could get an iPod for free. A legit site offering something for free?? No way! I took a look and it all seems on the up and up. So why don't you lend me a hand and help me out by visiting this referral link.

As an incentive, the person who helps me make my final referral requirements will receive a free mix cd of music of your choice (as long as I can find the songs).


Patrick said...

You have one vote. Consider it a wedding present. As for the job situation, my contract ends in December as well. Care to starve with me?

Julia said...

*laughs* Ah Patrick.. I'd come starve with you anytime!

Update - I have 5 people that have signed up with just one of those people completing the requirements for me to receive a free iPod. I need just 4 more people to fulfil the sign-up requirements to get my free iPod. I recommend signing up for the Rhapsody program, since that's the easiest to opt-out of without having to fork out major dough.

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