Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Village Voice On Protesting During the GOP Convention

The Village Voice has a piece about how protests during the GOP Convention next week in NYC could backfire.

Inherently, I think the author dead-on in his cautions. I'm not so certain we can trust the cable channels or national networks to give us the fairest view of what's happening in this world anymore. That's a sad statement to make, especially from a former newswoman. Yes, I generally still trust ABC News and even CNN, but doubt has started to linger when I consider how unbiased a news source is and whether they are honestly trying to portray the whole picture.

The online media has become a sort of salvation. It's the online media of blogs, Internet-only magazines, and access to news sources outside this country that lets me still believe that I can find the truth somewhere. This same new media is what also makes me believe that the GOP Convention will receive fair coverage and if there's any misconduct by authorities, it can't simply be glossed over by Big Media as wrong-doings by protestors as it was in 1968.

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