Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Song About The Rain

If you've been in Western New York for any amount of time this summer, you've experienced the wonders of an El Nino summer. Well, perhaps wonders isn't the best choice of word when you consider that rain has figured predominantly in the forecast for the past several months. On the upside, those who prefer milder winters may get their wish since the National Weather Service figures it won't be too bad of a winter.

Normally, an El Nino summer wouldn't bother me. I'm not a hot weather lover. If I only had to break out shorts or capris a week or two out of the year, that's cool. However, my new job has had me wishing for drought-like conditions. It's been a summer of rescheduling softball games, tournaments, concerts, playground events, and now we have major concern with the weather cooperating for the big Labor Day Festival. It's enough to make someone cry, and I think I have a couple times. It's preferable to taking a bat to someone's head. But if that happened, I doubt it would be due to weather.

Fortunately, Autumn is nearly here. Once we pass September 6th, I'm fine with whatever kind of weather we get, just as long as the snow melts and the spring showers end by early April.

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