Friday, August 28, 2009

Office Drone Day

Our friend, Len, came up with the idea for an "Office Drone Day" some time ago. The premise is that people would meet up at noon on a set day wearing trousers, short sleeve dress shirts, and ties. Once gathered, the crew would then head somewhere for lunch. The key thing here is that the initial group of fellows involved in this gathering don't have to wear traditional office drone outfits to work. Jeans are quite commonplace. Nonetheless, the idea was put into action today. It was a small group that gathered for the first office "Office Drone Day." I helped encourage the mood handing out copies of the new cover sheets we needed to attach to our TPS reports:

Matt joined us at The Pub a little bit later. He appeared confused by the new procedure with the reports but seemed ready to comply:

We hope, with Len's leadership, to make this a monthly ritual, alternating the places we choose to eat lunch.

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