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Who Is Calling?

The past week has had some odd occurrences that I haven't experienced since I was a teenager. Over the weekend, I was jolted awake by the sound of a girl loudly saying, "Ma'am!" to me. Matt mumbled, "You okay?" as I snuggled closer to him. I had been half asleep when I heard the voice. The voice was very distinctive and clear, as if the speaker had been standing at the foot of our bed, impatiently waiting for me to get up.

Later in the day, I mentioned this to Matt and he said he had something similar happen to him a week or so ago. At first, he thought it was me coming home and trying to wake him up because he thought the girl said "Matt," not "Ma'am."

Earlier this week, I was working hard on a project when I swore I heard my female co-worker call my name from the other end of the office. I sighed, got up and went over to ask her what she needed. She looked at me like I had two heads, "Nothing? Why?"

"You didn't just call for me??" I asked incredulously.

"Uh.. no," she continued to look at me as though I was nuts, so I shrugged and went back to my desk.

When I was a teenager, I would do my homework in my bedroom with the stereo on. Frequently, I would swear I heard my mom calling my name. 95% of the time she wasn't. So either I'm feeling the stress lately, or some ghostly entity is hanging around again. I'm thinking it's a combination given that Matt had a similar experience.


Mr. Nighttime said…
So, who you gonna call? ;-)
Makkaio said…
I would like to submit this to Paranormal State. See what those guys uncover. LOL
skb said…
My inner paranormal nerd is all drooly. My outer nerd is all, "Cool!"

See if you can get your hands on a digital audio recorder and try an EVP session. Sounds like some kind of intelligent haunt could be trying to get your attention. :)

If I never told you about my own ghostly history, remind me to tell you sometime.
Mr. Nighttime said…
Just don't start telling me that you see dead people, ok?

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