Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Break for Forte

We really love Forte. Hell, the place even gets its own blog label here. Anyway, our favorite place to drink, see friends, and get food is shut down for two weeks so the owners can defrag and renovate. Forte really is our "third place."

This past Saturday, a big party (Surprise Party #16) was held there to kick off the break. I went and danced the night away to tunes spun (CDs spin, so I can still say that) by a couple friends. As I left, I realized that I didn't know where to find my friends for the next two weeks.

"But where will Shannon and I play alternating DJ with my iPod?" I sadly thought.

"Will I even see NickDean or Peggy or Steve or.. or.." my brain whirled. Or maybe that was just the remnants of the second gin & tonic I had drank.

Then the planner in me went into action and send out a Facebook broadcast. If all goes as planned, Shannon, Nick, Lori, Matt and I will be at the Wine Cellar this Thursday terrorizing the regulars by taking over the Internet Jukebox. If you want to request something, be prepared to pony up the $1 for the song.

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