Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Green Addition

I've been looking for a way to compost at our house in a way that doesn't take up a lot of real estate, but is a contained unit. Fortunately, I found out our local Cornell Cooperative Extension office was selling these units. Home Depot had been selling them at one time, but stopped.

I had to move some flagstones that had been propped up against the back of our garage to get this in place, but I'm pleased so far with the location. Now I just have to remember to save materials to put into it.


Makkaio said...

What the hell? Am I living with Ed Begley, Jr.?

battlemaiden said...

I'm impressed! You beat me to it. The compost pile I started has not been successful because I didn't turn it or water it, or put enough variety of materials in it. This looks awesome! Was it expensive?

Julia said...

It was $35, which is about on par or a little cheaper than some of the prices I've seen. I don't believe the Cornell Co-Op makes any money off of it since they're selling the units on commission from the Canadian company they got them from.

And I used my own funds to buy it since I knew Matt would just love the idea of this occupying some space in our tiny yard.

Makkaio said...

I love the thing, actually. I'm trying to catch up with Muze on using it. It's a non-creepy-crawly compost, so I imagine stirring and feeding it will be the key.

I also like it because it looks like a droid escape pod landed in our back yard.

Lamont said...

Did a search for an Earth Machine - and only found one online for $95.00.
Any link to where you got yours for $35.00?

Julia said...

Tara - I would call Recycling/Composting Educator Wendy Sanfilippo at 716-664-9502 x 221. She only had a limited number of these composting units when I had her set one aside for me.

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