Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Living Christmas Tree 2007

This week is a string of final rehearsals leading up to the annual performance of The Living Christmas Tree (Related Post-Journal article).

The pit orchestra is rather squished in a space between the "tree" and the pews. In fact, I'm squashed just enough that I have to be careful that I don't run my bow into the side of the "tree" or catch it on any of the lights or garland hanging on the "tree." This leads to some interesting playing positions while I slouch or raise my violin up or down so I can get a longer note on one bow stroke. Add to that a children's choir that stands directly behind me and I have to be careful not to poke one of the little ones in the eye as well.

The music this year is pretty awesome. I understand that they did this "book" a few years ago, but it's all fresh to me and it has a Broadway musical sound rather than a Christmas-Church kind of sound. Dig?

Lots of tickets are available, apparently. Shows are at 8pm on Friday, November 30th, 5pm and 8pm on Saturday, and 5pm and 8pm on Sunday, December 2nd. It's only $5 and I think you have to go to the church starting tomorrow to get tickets. I know I'll be one of those people since I haven't had a chance to get out to get Matt's ticket for the 8pm show on Saturday yet. Even if you're not overwhelmingly religious, I'd encourage you to come. It's a nice musical event.
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