Sunday, November 25, 2007

Overheard at Labyrinth Press Company

"My friend James? He was caught by his mom watching porn. I don't know if there was any action going on. Well, a few days later a magazine comes in the mail. It was a gay porn mag and it was addressed to 'James Carpal Tunnel.' His mom saw it, freaks out, and sits him down. Wants to know if he wanted to talk to her about anything. I mean. He couldn't have ordered it himself! No way a 15-year old has a credit card. Anyway, he didn't tell me about that until a few years later, which was pretty good I guess. James Carpal Tunnel!"

-- Late Teens/Early 20s Guy at Labyrinth Press Company


Mr. Social said...

Um... Pornography is well, um... How was the coffee?

Anonymous said...

haha, that was me telling the story... it's a good story though, and it's all true. should it not be told?

Julia said...

The story is why I love coffee shops. Nice photography at Lab, by the way.

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