Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Word for That Game Where You Shoot a Ball Through A Hoop

Too good not to re-post. Another shining example of literacy submitted to our local paper:
Get Jamestown Back In Business Day
To the Readers’ Forum:
I just read the paper about downtown events
which they say 40 city residents came to their meetings
at City Council.
Well there are petitions out about what the rest of
us think which is more than 40 people. I don’t
applaud downtown DJDC. What about businesses
that should be brought downtown. They all left
because of taxes and other reasons.
We need to build up downtown with new buildings
for business and move events to other places,
which there are many parks.
There are some things that can be brought from
town, but not basketpole. We have Baker Park to
What are people thinking? Is it more important
for entertainment or business downtown. What are
they thinking we are a ghost town now because
taxes are too high and people leave here because of
Bring in new building, tear down some of the old
ones. Bring in people to get Jamestown back in
(name redacted to protect them from finger pointing and laughter)

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