Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Girl, I Must Warn You


fubaars said...

Oh my God, Julia, that video is awesome! Reminds me of the days when I used to try to learn all the dance routines in the old videos so that I could be cool at the dances. Lets see, in addition to that one, umm...
Good Vibrations by Marky Mark
Can't Touch This by MC Hammer
Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

Man, I look back at those videos now and I wonder what kind of crack I was smoking back then.

Julia said...

We all smoked the crack because I could do about half the dance moves in "U Can't Touch This" and several of the moves from "Poison."

We must not have been at the same Dake Jr. High dances because I don't remember seeing you there busting out the funky moves. However, I DO remember Mr. K (you were a freshman by then) pulling some 80s dance move much to everyone's dismay.

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