Sunday, November 12, 2006

And the 2006 Effing Brilliant Album Award Goes To...

Sometimes a band's sophomore album exceeds the wildest expectations set by their debut release. The Format has put forth a record of songs that have earned my "effing brilliant" award for 2006. Dog Problems is melodic-pop filled with hooks and lyrical genius that comes from breaking up with your significant other.

While "The First Single" off Interventions & Lullabies is a great track, I found the rest of the album lacking. This is definitely not the case with Dog Problems. Best of all, you can download it off of eMusic where a subscription of $9.99/month gets you about 40 downloads every month.

Past winners of this award can be found in the following posts:
2005 - Exciting My Musical Ear
2003 - When Six Degrees of Separation Becomes Three

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