Saturday, November 18, 2006

Warren Civic Orchestra Concert

I will be playing in this concert tomorrow and encourage those who live nearby to attend. Part of the concert will be to memorialize our late-conductor, Dr. Jaropolk Lassowsky. Dr. Lassowsky passed away suddenly on October 22 (my 30th birthday). Here is the write-up that appeared on
10/22/06 – Violinist and violist Jaropolk Lassowsky, longtime faculty member at Clarion University in Pennsylvania, died after a brief bout with cancer. From the university’s web site: “Dr. Lassowsky was the long-time University Symphony Orchestra director and violin and viola instructor, and took on the responsibility of teaching all strings lessons and techniques courses for the last 9 years. …Dr. Lassowsky was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Award in the summer of 2003 to travel to Ukraine to conduct and teach at Kherson State University. During his summer stay in Ukraine, Dr. Lassowsky conducted four different orchestras, taught courses in computer applications in music and music publishing, and premiered several of his music compositions and arrangements with the Kherson orchestras. At the conclusion of his summer appointment, the authorities supervising his activities in the Ukraine were so impressed and pleased by Dr. Lassowsky’s work, they requested from the Fulbright Foundation an extension of his stay to include the Fall ’03 semester.”
The Warren Civic Orchestra will be playing Dr. Lassowsky's arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon as part of our performance. This is a free concert, with a small reception afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, too bad that didn't happen when I was back in the motherland. Would've been cool to check out. Sounds like a good tribute to him as well.

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