Friday, February 03, 2006

My God, The Horror!

Just as I was about to leave the radio station last night after recording the news, I noticed a press release had come in the fax machine. Being a good, little news girl, I decided to take a gander in case I needed to add it to the morning run-down. The words I beheld made my eyes pop and peals of laughter escaped my mouth. I boldly decided to spare the person named in the release any further indignation and, instead, folded the release up and put it in my purse. Maybe it wasn't the wisest choice, but really, do you think it does the public any good to know which neighbor was in the county jail for sexually assaulting a horse?

You read that correctly. I think I made my point.

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KevinH said...

Yes, the public should know. When people abuse animals in any other way its normally in the news. And what if this person is around other peoples animals that are later abused. Maybe they don't need to know the extent or the nature of the abuse, but completely ignoring or hiding it from the listeners of the station just because it involves beastiality which you may find at both times humorous and rephresensible doesn't seem like a justifiable reason not to report it.
Especially for someone who seems so dedicated to reporting the news, and especially in the US.

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