Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How To Get Through a State of the Union

Bush is painful enough without having to watch him on purpose do our State of the Union. Well, one way to dull the pain and still pay attention is to play the State of the Union drinking game. Enjoy.

State of the Union starts at 9pm EST on most local stations.


Kevin_H said...

Hahah...I don't know which was worse - George W. or the utter violation of the First Admendment by the Gestapo .. er...police.

Sabrina said...

State of the Union drinking game.....brilliant! :) Instead of watching it, O and I decided to look for houses. Much more fun, and no nasty hangover the next morning.

battlemaiden said...

Hmmmm....I didn't see "al Qaeda" on that list. I wonder if it was left off accidentally.

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