Monday, January 30, 2006

Movies In My Head

I had the pleasure of seeing two excellent movies this weekend. Friday night, I took in Brokeback Mountain at one of our local theatres. As the lights came blazing up in the theatre at the end of the movie, I noted that most everyone was trying to wipe their eyes without it looking like they had been crying. A powerful, beautiful movie. I was a little amazed that it was even showing in the Jamestown-area, but I like to call this the "Golden Globe effect." It seems that after the Golden Globes come out, some of the favored winners suddenly appear on our movie screens. We don't usually enjoy a wide selection of "indie films" the rest of the year unless you head out to Chautauqua Institution or the Reg Lenna. Which brings me to my next film...

On Saturday night, Matt and I headed to the Reg Lenna Civic Center along with a rather large crowd to see Good Night, and Good Luck. Some of the people we talked to after the movie, including the Mayor, concluded that the subject matter was rather timely. We were very impressed with David Straithairn's representation of Edward Murrow. Matt even asked me after the film, if some of the scenes with him weren't news footage. It was all Straithairn. However, all the scenes of Joseph McCarthy were of the real man. No actor was used.

Two movies that would be worth the high price theatres want you to pay these days.

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