Friday, May 06, 2005

The Month of May

Life has decided that May will be my crazy month for the first part of the year. A list:
  1. Three press events at work, one event that will require two press releases
  2. One of those press events will require overtime at work and is happening a day before we start to move into the new house
  3. Various family events including Mother's Day and my mother-in-law's birthday
  4. Packing the whole house in two weekends
  5. Moving into our new house and moving Matt's parents into our rented house in the same weekend
I'm not really complaining. I'm glad that I'll get to see all of my family this weekend. And it's better to have a job to stress over than not. The only thing that sucks is that the realization of all the stuff I have to do this month came at the same time as the maple blossoms opened. Allergies and stress do not make for a pretty picture, but I try to console myself with the fact that I will get that week at the end of May/beginning of June off to move and unpack a little.

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