Tuesday, May 03, 2005

10 Years of Driving Bliss

My beloved 1995 Toyota Tercel is on its last legs. On Sunday, my exhaust system came in two, but held together enough so I could get it to our mechanic yesterday so he could weld it back together. He commented to Matt, "The war between her car and rust is starting to tip in the favor of the rust," and then added, "She's not planning to have that car much longer, is she?"

I freaked out upon hearing the news, naturally, but we figure my car will last until the Fall at least. It's quite doubtful it could make it through another Western New York winter.

Homage to My Car
165,600 miles and counting
35 miles per gallon, consistently
Countless trips between Jamestown, Buffalo, Rochester, & Cleveland
A trip to Toronto, CA
A trip to Washington, D.C.
Countless hours of awesome music
Cohort in crime as I made spontaneous trips to various locations, even if it was just to Tim Hortons
Minimal repair excluding the water pump replacement, brakes, tires, thermostat, and some exhaust system issues over the past year
Endless memories of happy driving


Matt said...

You and your mom need to settle down. I think the mechanic's concern was that you start shopping around or you put the work into your car. In his opinion, the car isn't worth the work you need to have done. The exhaust system alone, which is very rusty right now, is $400 to $500 with labor. Plus you have suspension issues and things. It's not like it is going to fall apart on the next trip to work.

BuffaloPundit said...

Toyota Tercel? It's time to upgrade. That "oh, what a feeling" must be long gone. :-)

I'd suggest the Audi A3. Turbo FSI engine, 30 MPG, fast & small.

Julia said...

Do I hear an offer to help pay for an Audi? Thank you so much! LOL I would be thrilled if I could scrap together the $9k needed for a used Toyota Echo come this Fall. Damn homeownership *grins*

Julia said...
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Matt said...

Just stay home and enjoy the new place. You don't even need a car.

Matt F. said...

Matt's 1993 ford explorer: 187,500 and counting. Rust? Hah! Let's not even go there.

If it's any consolation, I know what car woes are like...

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