Friday, March 18, 2005

Alternatives to IKEA

Ruby-Gordon Furniture in Rochester is opening a chain of EZ Home stores that sells ready-to-assemble furniture much in the same vein as Ikea, but supposedly not as expensive. The line of furniture the stores will feature is made by Sauder. I'm interested in checking out their new store in Henrietta since Ikea is a bit far to drive and there's that whole customs thing to worry about if you happen to buy anything.


Kevin H. said...

Hrmm...tell them to open a store in Denver in a couple weeks :P

Alan said...

There's no problem with IKEA and customs, since there are IKEA stores in the US, customs doesn't really make any distinction.

I've rolled back across the Q-L bridge with over $1200/worth of furniture on a day trip, with nary a comment from customs.

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