Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dean! Dean! Dean!

I thank Drudge for my exuberant title. I'm more than psyched that Howard Dean is a front-runner to head the Democratic National Committee!!

This is a good thing! Maybe the DNC will be able to get its head out of its arse with Dean leading the pact and finally run some effective campaigns, with or without a war cry. Hey, you have to poke fun occasionally.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to break with tradition and post a political question to you. Since it's SOTU time I figure I deserve a one time break from my usual silence.

I'm curious why you support Dean so much. (CAVEAT: I don't think he's a bad guy!) He's really not the anti-war kind of guy that so many presumed he was/is. To wit:

There are a lot of good leaders in the DNC that would bring the "kook" factor down a notch or two and give the party a tad more legitimacy than Dean could, IMHO. perfect example: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, or Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Either way, you know I still love you J!

Matt F

Julia said...

Funny enough, for a newsie, I'm not watching the SOTU right now. I'll read a transcript later. Just can't stand the idea of wasting an evening watching someone I hate. I have Dennis Miller on instead.

On Howard Dean. I've always been a supporter. I know he's a bit more "radical" to some, but he really embodies a lot of what Dems around here believe in: fiscal conservativeness, a good social agenda (where health care is concerned), and a straight-forward way of approaching stuff. And he was the first guy running for president to get up there and say "What the hell??" about Iraq in 2003.

So I know he's not perfect. The media totally overblew his "Heeeeyaaahhh!" episode in Iowa. Most people don't realize that if you were standing in the crowd, it didn't sound anywhere near that loud. And this was a rah-rah speech to all the people who worked their ASSES off for the man, only to see him lose to Kerry. The bullshit coverage that happened afterwards is the result of sound being taken directly from the microphone, which cancels out a lot of the crowd noise. But Dean certainly strikes me as being more in touch with the Democratic populace.. hell, American populace. I'd rather have a "Washington Outsider" right now to stir it up a bit than the dimwitted leadership we've had the past four years.

Am I pissed off? Hell yeah! Do I think we need radical change in this country? HELL yeah! Do I think Howard Dean as DNC Chair is a good start? HELL YEAH!! *grins*

That's my rant for the evening. Please keep the flames down to a minimum *wink*

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...I can't resist!

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