Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Cult of Scientology: Entire Four Part Series

The hazzards of reading something on the Internet is that I got my series numbers mixed up on the Scientology stories in the Buffalo News. Here are the links for all four stories:

Part One: Enlightenment's Dark Side
Part Two: Being In, Breaking Out
Part Three: Helping Spread The Word
Part Four: Outside Critics Are Unacceptable

Since the Buffalo News archives stories rather quickly and then wants you to pay to read the articles, someone nicely posted in my comments a link to the Jeremy Perkins: A Scientology Tragedy site. That site has a lot more information on the Jeremy Perkins story (obviously) links to transcripts of the Buffalo News series free of charge.


Ryan said...

Don't let me get started on these lunatics. I've done some reading and they're crack-pots. The reason so many celebrities are members of the Church of Ron is that they're loaded. The "auditing" courses cost thousands of dollars. And the Church (a corporation more than anything else) goes to great lengths to silence critics, but it's not working like it used to. Word will spread eventually, and then Scientology won't be able to lure the disillusioned and weak-willed anymore.

They'll just go find a different cult.

Anonymous said...

You might want to link to here, since your links have expired.

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