Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Tangential Post

Ok, since it's been days, I decided to write one of my famous tangential posts. I say famous only because I'm known to do this in real life occasionally.

My former boss makes me laugh. Apparently, while on the radio the other day, our County Executive said that Governor Pataki should "git'er done" in terms of his Medicaid plan. I don't know if it was intentional or if he just watched The Blue Collar Comedy Tour one too many times. I think it would be funny for him, or any elected official, to say that straight to the Guv's face or any of the "three men in a room."

We took advantage of our self-imposed "snow day" yesterday to do many, many loads of laundry. When I sorted everything out, you couldn't walk through our upstairs hallway. I told Matt this could never happen again.

Speaking of snow, I'm disappointed that once again, Jamestown gets screwed. I look at the RADAR and stories from New England and think, "Why the hell do they get all the fun?" Seriously, we were set to just hang out at home while the snow piled on around us and then all we got was about a foot of the white stuff. I can't even remember the last time we had a blizzard warning! I know, count me among the strange there. At least I got a chance to whip through two books (total now 5 for the week) last night.

However, I am glad the snow waited until Saturday to hit here since Friday night was our agency's annual winter party. A good time. It was kind of odd in a way since I hadn't been to a company-wide event like that since my first summer working at the radio station in Jamestown. You get used to seeing co-workers in a certain context, and then to see them at a party, drinking, grooving to the DJ, and having fun, doesn't seem quite natural. It's like the feeling you would get as a kid when you'd run into one of your teachers in the "real world." You'd think, "Ms. Royer buys groceries?? She EATS?? What's up with that?! I thought she went home, read books, philosophized to her cat, and came up with new ways to torture our English class." Well, I knew that wasn't true either since my mom has been a teacher from the time I was in middle school. I have to admit that it still freaks me out occasionally that she talks about me to former teachers, although those numbers are dwindling as many retire.

Matt made us scrambled eggs & sausage for breakfast this morning. I had envisioned getting to that before he did and trying my hand at a British Fry Up, but he offered to cook so I took him up on it since I had made pancakes for breakfast yesterday and macaroni & cheese (the boxed stuff) later in the day for lunch/dinner. People that know me in a personal, every day sense know that this amount of cooking is pretty impressive for me. Anyway, I had a fry-up on Easter Day in 1995 while on an 8-day concert tour of England with the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. The beans, greasy eggs, sausage, potatoes, and tomatoes all cooked in one pan before being transferred to a big, white plate just fit the bill that day. Plus, our homestay family made the most wonderful tea. It probably was just something from Tesco, but it tasted pretty fantastic. Anyway, my obsession with finding, or cooking, a fry-up is not too unusual I guess since I did find a blog, eggsbaconchipsandbeans, that deals with this topic.

Ok then. Time for more tea. Thanks for letting me tangent there on this Sunday. It's a Sunday kind of thing.

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That is certainly WAY better than my Sunday!

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