Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bad Buddy!

I was blissfully ignorant of what lay ahead as I carefully tied curled ribbons around the plates of peanut brittle I had made for my co-workers. After sticking a bow in the middle of each plate, I put them in a bag and placed the bag on a chair near the door so I wouldn't forget to take it with me in the morning. A few hours later, Matt and I went out to have some pre-holiday drinks with friends that were leaving the next day to visit family.

When we returned, all seemed well. Buddy greeted us with his customary happiness. Then Matt said, "Is that a paper plate on the floor?" And thus the horror became clear. Buddy had gotten into the bag I had set on the chair, pulled out all my plates that had been wrapped with press n'seal saran wrap, and eaten ALL the peanut brittle I had packaged for my co-workers. We still haven't found one of the plates, but there were plenty of remnants stuck in between the couch cushions. I was so mad that I was beyond getting upset aside from yelling, "Bad Buddy" and pointing to the mess he left, "No!" I had a little less than half a batch left, so I ended up dividing the candy into plastic bags this morning. Buddy stayed the night in his cage.

I have to make more peanut brittle tonight. You can be sure it will be stored up high where our little guy won't be able to terrorize the peanut-y sweetness.

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Anonymous said...

I am going to point Karyn to this entry. That way when she starts whining about not having a pet, she can reflect on the devastation they cause! Huzzah.


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