Saturday, November 13, 2004

When Holes Get Punched In Your Heart

Yesterday, we found out my Grandma is very sick. She has been the hospital since last Friday with pain due to what we thought was a blocked bile duct. If only it was that simple and easy. I can't say right now what is actually wrong due to the fact that we're not supposed to know (her doctor told my dad). All that matters is that it's not something you generally come out of ok, if at all.

I'm scared for her and absolutely wrecked. We're meeting my parents in Buffalo today to see her. She doesn't know that Matt and I are coming, and it's going to be hard to act like we don't know anything. At least I can plead that the circles under my eyes are from lack of sleep due to the new job.

The picture below is my Grandma perfectly.

My Grandma Having A Ball At Our Wedding Posted by Hello

She has always been known as the life of the party. She knows how to cut a rug and throw back a few with ease. I know she had a lot of fun at our wedding and whenever she can get out.

The important thing is that she's still with us now. I hope they can do something for her to alleviate the pain since I doubt she's going to go through the surgery that may or may not fix what's wrong. It's just too sudden. Too soon. And it's never fair around the holidays, but I learned that death comes when it must when my Grandma's husband, my Grandpa, died the day before Christmas Eve.

So please keep my Grandma in your thoughts. Some of you who read this blog know what a fun lady she is and she could use all the good mojo you can supply.

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Ryan said...

Boo :-( She can cut a mean rug, and she's a hell of a nice lady. My thoughts are with her, and you guys!

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