Thursday, November 11, 2004

The New Job & Blogging

Unsurprisingly, starting my new job this past Monday has had a detrimental effect on how often I blog. Not that I've been very consistent the past few months anyway. I blame elections on that even though it's not even close to being the case.

Anyway, the new job is good. I was feeling overwhelmed my second day when we got down to brass tacks of what my responsibilities actually are, but my loving husband put it into perspective by asking, "Well, isn't this somewhat similar to what you were doing before but just juggled around?" I'm hoping he's right on that.

Here's where you all roll your eyes and sigh when I say that going back to work full time and having to get up early to leave by 8:15am and not get back home until 6pm is a real drag. I'm exhausted. Plus it didn't help that Sunday night I was a little excited about starting, so adrenalin woke me up a little after 3am and kept me up until the alarm went off at 6:15am. Sleep deprivation sucks. Especially when you're a CSI fan (all varieties), which means you can't catch up on sleep because you were watching the show until 11pm.

Next week is my first full week at the job since we have today (Veterans Day) off. I think I'll have a better assesment of how things are then. They changed my title to Public Relations Specialist, which I like quite a bit because the previous title, Operations Specialist, meant I had to take time to quickly explain that it was a PR position.

So if the blogging drops off here and there. Forgive me please. I'll do my best to get back up and running with my usual witty, rapport. Hah. Well, I can try, right? Until then...

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