Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Okay... things are more up where my Grandmother is concerned.. in a weird way. My Grandma only has one kidney, and I guess the past week has put stress on it, so the doctors wanted her to get some rest before they tried to do the operation. So my mom is going into Buffalo tomorrow to pick up my Grandma from the hospital and taking her back to their house in Rochester. Length of stay undetermined, but the doctors said she would need to rest 3-4 days before they re-tested her.

To me, this is good news. I was hoping my Grandma could go home for a little bit and have a break from the hospital. Now I know the fact that she's not strong enough to go through the operation right now is not a good sign all around, but to me, I want her home. Plus, I'm hoping we can get some straight answers from the doctors on what's going on since at one point they told my Grandma it would be a 7-hour operation and now they're saying it won't be that long. The whole situation creates a whole "WTF?" for my family.

That's the Grandma Alice update for tonight. If she's still at my parent's house this weekend, we're going up to see her and then coming right back since I have to perform in a concert in Warren, PA on Sunday.


Matthew said...

Thanks for the updates Julia.

- Matt

battlemaiden said...

All of you are still in my thoughts. *hugs*

Ryan said...

Indeed, mine too!

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