Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Only Thing That Remains The Same Is Change

Well, my Grandmother isn't coming home after all. My parents called me this morning to tell me this bit of news. The story:

My dad got in touch with Dr. Hurley (my Grandmother's doctor) last night to talk to him about bringing my Grandma back to Rochester since she was being released from the hospital. This was news to Dr. Hurley, who said, "She can't leave the hospital. She's too weak!" Then my dad found out from our cousin, Janet, that she was visiting my Grandma when the surgeon came in to talk to her about the surgery. He was going on about all the things involved in the operation when he mentions that they'll be putting in a shunt/stint(?) which is when my cousin interrupts, "They already put in a shunt/stint!" The surgeon said, "OH. I didn't read her chart over."

When my dad told me that bit I burst out, "Do you think there's another hospital Grandma would be okay with besides this one??" My parents are looking into whether my Grandma's health coverage would allow her to go into Roswell for treatment. Meanwhile, Dr. Hurley is working on getting my Grandma into some rehab treatment so she can regain some strength. I'm not sure if she's going to have the operation now, or if her doctor will even let her if she's too weak.

That's the latest and greatest. Thanks for putting up with me using the blog as the "Grandma Update" place for now. It's about all the energy I can expend on it right now.

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