Sunday, October 03, 2004

Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards Visits a Local Fruit & Vegetable Stand

Senator Edwards actually took a break from debate preparation and left the Chautauqua Institution grounds to enjoy the beautiful Autumn day here in the county. I wish I could say I was there to take these pictures, but I wasn't. Lucky for me, Bonnie Jean, who is on the Kerry-Edward's staff, took my digi with her to get some snaps. So at least I have a couple pictures. The two below are my favorites.

Senator John Edwards Greets Local Chautauquan Posted by Hello

Note the logo on the right side of John's fleece. This is the "Official Fleece" for the Debate Camp. Only staffers and the traveling press corp received these though.

John & Elizabeth Edwards Buy A Pumpkin Posted by Hello

I understand that the Edwards bought their pumpkin at Half Acre Farm on Route 394 just outside the village of Mayville. I cropped the photo so that you didn't get all the mic booms, reporters, and motorcade vans in the picture.

So this was my main excitement for the day. That and nearly getting run over by the motorcade as they took Senator Edwards to the site where he's been practicing. I had to yell, "Car!" while I was riding around with Bonnie Jean in a golf cart this morning. She mentioned that motorcade cars really don't stop for anything, so we would have been smooshed if she hadn't stopped in time. Otherwise, I'm home a little earlier than planned since things are pretty quiet at the Institution. It's been a cool experience all around though. Tomorrow we'll see if my digi gets some more use, with me in front of it with the Senator this time!

Last note: Sen. Edwards did make a stop in Erie, PA on Friday before coming over to the Institution to buckle down and work. Here's the link to that story.

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