Monday, October 04, 2004

Meeting the Future Vice President (Hopefully)

Julia Meets Senator John Edwards Posted by Hello

Okay, finally got a chance to add to this post. I'm beat, but I do have an interesting story to relay. This morning, I parked my car on the lake side of the Athenaeum Hotel. The motorcade cars were starting to line up, so I walked up the road to the Hotel Annex and cut across the dewy grass to the "back" door of the hotel. Seeing no volunteers in the lobby to herd upstairs to our designated area, I wearily climbed the stairs to the second floor. The lack of secret service people at the landing struck me as odd, but I continued on, figuring that someone would have stopped me by now if they were restricting the area.

I sensed in my peripheral someone walking just behind me on my right side and decided to offer a "good morning." I was pretty tired, but figured I had to put on a smile at least for those who were working even longer hours. Turning slightly to my right, I offered that smile, and got one back. Then I did a stunned doubletake, saying, "Oh! Hi!" It came out more as a question than a greeting as I realized the man next to me was no other than Senator John Edwards. He returned the "Hi" and I mumbled, "Sorry to bother you!" as I rushed down the rest of hall towards the volunteer area. His familiar-from-tv drawl sounded as he answered a question from someone in a back office. My heart thudded as I entered the annex lounge, the double wooden doors closing behind me in a soft woosh.

To answer a question many women have asked me, yes, he as handsome in person as he appears on tv. I don't say that about too many politicians either.

Now, you'd think I'd be well-poised when I finally got to shake Sen. Edward's hand and to offer some good luck on his debate but I think I managed to turn into a bit of a starry-eyed, young girl and babbled something about thanking him for letting us work for him or something. Bwah! At least I got some nice shots from the week. I probably will post some of the other ones over on Fiercest Calm when I get a moment.

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AFINLORD said...

Now that you got the "secret politician handshake", are you planning on running for office? If Hillary gets to be Pres in 2012 there should be an opening in the senate! You could start working on your campaign now! or you could be the woman behind the man! Your honey already has some experiance with government....

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