Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Movie: Singles Scene: Cliff & Janet in Coffeehouse

There's a hip new trend called movieoke. Of course it's something you can do NYC and maybe a few other hot spots in big cities. Our friend, Richard, has been doing a form of this for years now. Richard is one of those quirky guys who can recite all of the Star Wars movies by heart. In fact, if you play the soundtrack, he can start the dialogue from any part of the movie as long as you give him a musical cue.

Me? I don't have mad skills like that but I was pretty good at reciting the Cliff/Janet scene from Singles. An excerpt went something like this:

Cliff: I used to live in a house near the airport, so it was under a flight pattern. And I couldn't have friends over because of the noise. Then I moved. I miss that house. I miss those planes!

Janet: Cliff, what are you talking about?

Cliff: I don't know!

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battlemaiden said...

Oooh, I can do that with The Princess Bride. "Beat it, or I'll call the Brute Squad!"

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