Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Nary A Ribbon Broken

It's safe to say I'm still recovering from my bridal shower on Sunday, especially since sleep eluded me last night and I'm struggling through today on about 2-4 hours of dreamworld.

The shower went well. Heidi has a post with pictures. Truthfully, it was a bit overwhelming. I'm not into big crowds of people and there were over 30 women crammed into my parent's house for the festivities. It makes me wonder how the hell I'm going to survive my wedding day!

High notes included seeing my cousin, Karen, for the first time since she was married a year ago. She and my Aunt Stella came up the day before to help out with shower prep, so we got a chance to get caught up. It was also good to see a good many friends and relatives that I hadn't seen in months or over a year or more. Opening presents was fun too. Matt and I were super-surprised to get an outside bistro-glass-table-top table from Pier 1 from three of my cousins. We had registered for it on a lark almost, thinking that maybe we'd buy it after the wedding depending on how much money we had left over after we bought our new bed. It's already set up on our porch, waiting for us to enjoy a drink or dinner outside. There was only one duplicate in gifts, a George Forman grill. A couple of friends thought they "messed up" when I received two mattress pads, but I had to reassure them that I wanted two since you always need a clean one to put on the bed while the other one is in the wash.

The food rocked everyone's socks. My mom's homemade scones were to die for. Lucky me got to test-taste a couple before the shower. There was plenty of other afternoon tea goodness including homemade shortbread, baklava, brownies, chocolate truffles from Encore Chocolates, chocolate dipped strawberries, cucumber sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, chicken salad in puff pastries, shrimp cocktail, fruit on skewers, cheese platter, olive tray, heart puff pastry cookies, and ham-wrapped asparagus. Naturally there was hot tea, and for the non-tea drinkers, homemade lemonade and iced tea.

One fashion item: I tried out Hanes Toeless Hosiery so I could show off my pretty pedicure. The way they work is that the toe of the stocking is open except for a loop to stick your big toe through. It's sort of like a stocking-thong. Works great except I'd highly recommend getting some Dr. Scholl's padding to stick between your big toe and "index" toe. The thong tends to tug in-between after wearing them for a few hours. Despite that, it barely looks like you have stockings on but you get the benefits of the control top and a little dressier look than just going sans-nylons.

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