Thursday, June 10, 2004

Changing Scents

I've been wearing the same perfume/body spray since 1994. When I discovered The Body Shop's White Musk, I was in love. I found the soft, clean scent was comforting and lightly sensual at the same time. My favorite version of the scent was the body spray, which The Body Shop stopped making for a few years. I stretched out my supply until I went to Canada last year and was able to buy two bottles of White Musk body spray at a mall in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Lately, I've been spritzing Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Her. I haven't worn an eau de toilette in many years since most I've come across don't seem to fade gracefully in scent. This one has offered a nice change of pace even though Matt claims it has slight undertones of old lady perfume to it.

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