Friday, June 11, 2004

Hats Off for the Shower

We're headed back up to Rochester this weekend for my bridal shower. It's an afternoon tea, which seems to be quite the rage for parties lately. I like to think that this tea will be pretty authentic with scones, finger sandwiches, patries, several kinds of tea, and the optional hat and gloves. I will be wearing a red summer dress and a straw hat that will have a red scarf wound around it. In honour of the occasion, I got a pedicure in my favorite red tone by Opi, "Friar, Friar, Pants On Fire!". After playing violin for years and having to keep my finger nails short, it was nice to discover an alternate way to pamper myself.

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Ryan said...

I say, huzzah for tea, scones and well kept finger-nails, wot? Have a splendid party, I'm sure it will be quite smashing! ;-)

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