Tuesday, June 29, 2004

3 Years And Counting...

While looking into some new ideas for tweaking my blog template (i.g. the new Archives menu), I realized that I've been blogging for over three years now. In fact, my Blog Birthday was this Saturday, June 26th. A big Happy Birthday to In Java, Literally..., especially when I consider how far this blog has come!

For those who haven't been reading from the start, I came up with the idea for this blog based on a series of journal entries I began writing in high school. I had been journaling since third grade and came with the idea to start off journal entries that I wrote in Java's (then known as Java Joe's) coffeehouse with "In Java, Literally..." I started reading blogs in June 2001, mainly not.so.soft and Jenny's first blog: jenny.blogspot.com, and thought I'd give this new Internet tool a whirl.

These three years have included national tragedies, weddings and engagements; changes in job situations, several passings of loved ones, home address changes, many mini-holidays and longer vacations, various elections, blog template changes, movies, music, and book obsessions; the birth of shoot-off blogs and friends creating their own blogs; some sad times, but overall, many happy moments; and a general growth in maturity that you hope comes with age and experience.

You can count on more of the same in the coming years, but hopefully it's as fun a ride, if not better, as it is now.


Ryan said...

Happy B-Day to your blog! I know that yours & Matt F's blogs were the inspiration for mine as well, which I believe will be two years old come September.

You write good stuff, and it's always interesting to read someone's archives and tie the whole thing together, as well as take an occasional peek into the past couple/few years.

Yay Julia!

battlemaiden said...

How else could I keep tabs on my best bud during election season? ;) Love you, and congrats!

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