Friday, March 12, 2004

A Top Ten Tale of Two Cities...

It's hard to pass up a good idea for a blog. Now, courtesy of Shep, I find I must post a sort of top ten things I love about Jamestown and Rochester. Want to take bets on which one will be easier?


1. My family and friends who live there
2. Lake Ontario and the Irondeqoit Bay Pier (general natural settings everywhere)
3. The Lilac Festival
4. Park Ave./East Ave./Monroe Ave.
5. The Clothesline Festival at the Memorial Art Gallery
6. The Best Coffee in the World at Java's on Gibbs Street
7. The cultural arts scene (Eastman School of Music, MAG, Geva, multiple arts festivals and all assortments)
8. Great restaurants (California Rollin', Tuscany's, Nick Tahoe's, Bill Grey's, The Parkside Diner, Sinbads, etc.)
9. Drive-ability. You can get anywhere in the metro area in about 30 minutes.
10. The Music Scene and..
11. The Little Theatre


1. Matt
2. Our friends (a lovely group)
3. Chautauqua Lake
4. The vast rural, rolling hills around us
5. The community of people (you always run into someone you know at Wegman's)
6. The variable pace (you can take it easy or go nuts with events, organizations, and activities)
7. Prices. Utilities cost isn't bad, housing is CHEAP, local restaurant prices are decent
8. Seasonal events like the Greek Festival, St. Patrick's Day event, the various Fall Festivals, I Love Lucy festivals, the Ice Castle Extravaganza, Fourth of July
9. The seasons and the extreme beauty they bring
10. There still being a few places I need to explore before I ever move away from here (Panama Rocks, the Wine Trail on Route 20, several restaurants, hiking one of the Overland Trails, attending an honest concert at Chautauqua Institution, and several other items).

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