Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The 27 and 1/2 Hour Party

You know it was a good party when...

- the last guests leave over 24 hours later
- the amount of alcohol consumed is astonishing, yet there's still enough to keep going for a day or two (St. Patrick's Day anyone?)
- the people who suffered from a hang-over still maintain it was great fun
- all the food is gone including 2 bottles of ranch dressing
- people actually danced to music being played
- people showed up four hours after the party started and everything was still in full swing
- the coffee made the next morning was almost as strong as espresso and people still drank it
- the people not drinking coffee the next morning started drinking bloody mary's
- one martini glass broken and one olive holder missing

I think that sums it up. God it was a lot of fun!

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