Friday, March 12, 2004

On The Eve of A Party

As the snow comes down in our fair city, I try to rouse myself from the computer desk to go do some random house chores in preparation of a small shin-dig we're holding at our house tomorrow night. We haven't had a lot of get togethers at our house. It used to be that we just didn't have that kind of space at our previous dwellings, so I suppose we never got in the habit of having parties. In my case, it just took awhile to find a group of people that I really enjoyed hanging out with and could feel comfortable with in a larger-group setting.

So of course that nervous ohmygodthehouseneedstobeCLEANED feeling has overcome me. I'm trying to be casual about the whole thing, but as most of my long-time friends can tell you, I'm not much of a party girl. I'll have a drink, maybe two, grin through a buzz for a little while and immediately switch to soda or nothing. I hate feeling real off balance. Alcohol tends to make me feel more ill than good if I drink more than a couple drinks. I suppose all my worries about drinking in college before I was 21 were unfounded as I probably would have stopped before I got really drunk.

And that's just the alcohol bit.

As just mentioned, I'm not much of a large-group person. I'm not comfortable in large groups if I don't know a majority of the people there. If it's friends and family, that's different. But to go to a party where I know a few people, and no one else is not a lot of fun for me generally. When it that position, I usually try to attach myself to the person I know and talk to them or I find just one other person to talk to at the event. This runs the gamut from social parties to political events to work-related events I've had to go to in my boss' place.

But tomorrow should be fun. It's a good group of people. Much rowdiness could occur. I may just have three drinks if the spirit moves me right.

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