Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Thoughts On Christmas

All right. I lied. I do have time to do a little blogging today. It's mostly to redirect you to Lileks, who ponders Orange Alert while shopping in the Mall of America. He also hits it right on the nose about Krispy Kreme. That reminds me of the fact that since one of our secretaries bought a cd off of me that I was planning on returning to Borders in Cheektovegas, I now will no longer be able to make a covert mission to the Krispy Kreme that's next door for a hot, sugary-goodness doughnut before filling my gullet with too much other kinds of food at my grandparent's house. Blast! I'm feeling more posts coming up today. Do I want to inflict on you, the reader, my feelings about the holidays? Maybe I do but you really don't want me to.

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