Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Take A Ride On the WayBack Machine

In my various ramblings about the web, I found pictures to Matt's Mardi Gras party in 1999. I saved the pictures and uploaded them to Imagestation so you could also enjoy the inaugural performance of The Hunky Dories. In case you're wondering who the various performers are, we all had stage names based on where the first letter of our first names fell in the alphabet. This number was connected to past Presidents. Add the last name "Dory" and it was one big happy family. I was McKinley Dory for those who are counting. Otherwise by t-shirt/instrument: Grey shirt/dancer = John, Green shirt/tamborine= Nate, Red shirt/moraccas= Kristen, blue jean shirt/violin = Me, black shirt/guitar= Paul, and accordian/blue shirt= Glenn.

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