Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Incentive To Change

This weekend we had planned to put up all our holiday decorations, however, we decided we needed to remodel the furniture layout for our living room first. There's nothing like moving furniture and trying to make it fit in new ways in a not very large space. The dust hiding underneath our couches was obscene! The redesign stretched into the dining room and upstairs as well since we ended up with end tables or other living room items that just didn't have a spot in the new design. The best news about the new design is that our two couches now form an "L", so that all parties present can see our fireplace and the tv. It also created a very visible space to put our Christmas tree in the dining room, which was the main reason for the redesign in the first place. The downside is that the tree isn't decorated and the bulk of our decorations remain scattered across our living room n the various boxes and bags that Matt brought down from our upstairs "Christmas Closet". We hope to decorate tonight. Here's to envisioning a fire in the fireplace, Polish Christmas carols on the stereo, and hot chocolate tonight.

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