Sunday, November 16, 2003

What's So Unusual About This?

Ok. I'm going to snob out on this one. The D&C ran an article called Seeing the sounds of the Eastman School of Music. The premise is how most people don't see the inner workings of Eastman and how hard the students work there. I brushed it off while reading, saying, "What's so unusual about that? I spent plenty of time in those halls and witnessed all that first hand while in junior high and high school." Of course, the average person doesn't take music lessons at Eastman. I was just lucky enough that my violin teacher got a job there, so I followed her to the hallowed practice halls. It also meant I was lucky enough to perform on Kilbourne and Hanson Hall stages. And since my graduating class thought I had some talent, I performed a Mozart solo for our high school graduation on the Eastman Theatre stage. It all seems rather preposterous now seeing as how I rarely play my violin anymore, but the memory of it does bring out a bit of music snob in me.

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