Thursday, November 13, 2003

Bridal Shopping & "Forced Marches"

Back from New York City. Here's a day-by-day run down:

Saturday: Flight left at 6:15am from Rochester and we touched down 50 minutes later at JFK Int'l Airport. We checked our luggage at the hotel, had breakfast at the deli across the street, caught bits and pieces of the Toys R Us Holiday Parade, and then made our way to the Fashion District to find fabric for my wedding dress. We were quite successful since we found my fabric (rayon-polyester for the main part of the dress, double georgette for my overskirt/train, and lace applique) and a beautiful tiara. We visited various bead shops since my mom and her friend, Susan, have taken up beading along with their many other hobbies. We then made our way to Macy's where I was overwhelmed by the nine floors of merchandise. Saturday night we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the deli across from the hotel and ran off to see Forbidden Broadway (link below) which was hysterical. A note about our hotel room: I was worried that it would be tight since there were four of us and we figured on only one bathroom. Well, we were upgraded to a suite, so we had two bathrooms and lots of living space. Quite nice! The only problem we had there was when we finally checked into our room they didn't give us a key to the adjoining bedroom. This meant that we were standing in a very nice living room wondering where the beds were. A quick call to the front desk cleared that up and a maintenance man came up to let us into the other room.

Sunday: Originally this was the day we were going to go to the Guggenheim, but that changed when we saw the street fair that stretched for blocks outside the hotel. We spent a few hours browsing around and then decided to pick up tickets for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. Before we did that, we took some pictures at Rockefeller Center and had a light lunch at Dean & Deluca. We also used our last half hour before the show to run through Saks Fifth Avenue and ogle the Bridal Salon dresses that started at $5,000 and went up in price. The Christmas show was awesome, but I mostly enjoyed it because I've always wanted to see the Rockettes. After the show, we met up with my Aunt Carol's friend, Margie, for dinner at Patsy's Pizzeria before I met up with old friend, Matt F. and his gf, Karyn. We had a couple drinks at Jake's Dillema before driving around to view the city at night. After some coffee and dessert, we turned in at 1am-ish.

Monday: Somehow, my mom and I reversed roles and I thoroughly enjoyed the James Rosenquist exhibit while my mom declared it the worst she's ever seen. We had lunch at a place that I can't recall but it was damn good. I'll look up the link later (riiiiiigggghhhhtttt). Then we walkedandwalkedandwalked down Madison Avenue and gawked at the various fashion designer shops. I convinced the group that we had to go into Barney's where we saw a really ugly dress that cost $9,000 and I sighed over an Armani suit and held a Prada shoe in my hand. I dare say that this trip brought out the fashionista in me. I bought nothing of course. Not even at Crate & Barrel where I would happily set up a wedding gift registry if there were stores in Western New York. After the shopping/browsing spree, we ran back to the hotel and caught a bumpy ride through rush hour traffic to JFK and made it back to Rochester by 11pm.

It was all good.

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