Sunday, November 16, 2003

If They Gave Medals...

I certainly deserve some kind of medal. Seeing as how that phrase is sometimes ended "..for stupidity", I suppose it still applies. Thursday Matt and I drove back to Jamestown from Rochester. I don't have to tell you how crazy that was with the high winds. It was more than crazy. Realizing this I made the decision to make a pit stop for coffee on the thruway halfway through the trip so we could regain some sanity before bracing ourselves against the gusts once again. Those who know me know I never stop for coffee on a road trip. I make sure my cd collection is close at hand and I drive until I need to get gas.

I didn't know the full extent of how crazy our drive was until a day later. That's when Matt told me about a moment of panic he had while we were driving on the free section of I-90 through Buffalo. We had just passed an accident where a tractor-trailer had been flipped over the guardrail from the I-90 Westbound side onto the I-90 Eastbound side of the road by a gust of wind. I was driving along, listening to one of the morning talkshows, totally oblivious to the fact that Matt had zoomed up behind me, frantically honking his horn to try to get me to slow down. What he saw, and I didn't, was that two car lengths in front of me in the next lane over, a tractor-trailer had only one set of wheels on the road and was tipping over into my lane. Matt tells me the trailer nearly jack-knifed before the driver was able to get the truck back on all sets of wheels. Had the truck gone over, I would have had no choice but to get into an accident. Worse yet, the truck would have fallen on top of the two cars in front of me. I'm an agnostic, for sure, but I believe there were some spirits out there that day looking out for me and the other people in the cars and that truck.

On a less strenuous note, all that wind knocked out power for thousands of people down here, causing my boss to declare a state of emergency. What that meant is that, I got out of work an hour early on Thursday due to no power and I didn't go into work at all on Friday due to lack of power. Of couse we never lost power at our house, so it was all good. It was a rough go of it for everyone else unfortunately.

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