Friday, October 31, 2003

Medium & Large

The Buffalo News had a Halloween-themed article on the Mediums of Lily Dale. Lily Dale is located just off Route 60 in the village of Cassadaga here in Chautauqua County. I've never been to a medium for a reading before, but I have visited Lily Dale. Matt, having spent the latter half of his youth in this county, used to go into the Assembly more often with his friends. The best story he had about the place is when they mentioned to a friend that there were a lot of Mediums in Lily Dale, but could he find them a Large and then meet them at a designated spot? That friend went off searching in vain all over the Assembly for a Large, and returned quite perplexed about why he couldn't find one. Still a good laugh.

Another Halloween note: I miss out on passing out candy again this year as I have to be at Dem HQ to do phone banks. Now honestly, who wants to be making political phone calls on a night when people are trying to answer the door or are not answering the phone due to pranks? Not me! But it's part of the job. Here's to next Wednesday!

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