Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Occasionally, Better Homes & Gardens has an bit of information that really piques my interest. In the November issue it was a story on shared journals. The link for 1000journals is what grabbed my attention. Projects like this aren't unusual. In fact, my mom used to do one, called Geo-Bear, as part of her 6th grade social studies class. She put those little backpacks with a small journal and pen on the backs of stuffed animal bears, and then sent them with anyone she knew who was traveling. That person was then responsible for taking pictures of the bear in whatever exotic location they were visiting and then record some travel thoughts in the journal. The bears traveled all over Europe, one to Japan, and others within the Continental United States. She mentioned to me once that the class really enjoyed the project, even though it was one that took an entire school year to see the scope of where the bears could go. It also depended on finding people, often times grown-ups, who didn't mind bringing a little stuffed lovey on their trip with them.

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