Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Lovely Day and No Time to Enjoy

Don't you hate when you realize that it's a most gorgeous day outside and you won't truly be able to enjoy it? Everytime I think I might have a moment, I remember some chore or duty that must get done. Even my Fourth of July is busy, but at least I'll be forced to just chill out. My so-called garden is a disaster with weeds happily taking up space. The house is quietly grumbling as another day passes where I haven't put away clean clothes or attacked the grime in the bathroom. Then there's the silly season duties (yes, it's that time again) with petitions singing to be signed. And my life isn't half as bad as poor Matt, who's up to his ears in silly season stuff. On a plus note, I have another wedding to look forward to next weekend *waves at Heidi*

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