Wednesday, July 02, 2003

July 1st Fireworks

Our local baseball team, the Jamestown Jammers, hold a fireworks night every year on July 1st. Since we live just up the hill from the field, I coerced Matt into walking down to take in the event. I was pretty amazed by how many people were at the game and how many other families had set up blankets and chairs on the hill above the baseball park to see the fireworks. Matt and I joked about the first time we saw a fireworks show together and watched as kids ran by wearing glow-in-the-dark bracelets that one enterprising guy was selling for a dollar. We got there just before the seventh inning stretch and could see enough of the scoreboard to follow the game. The Jammers won for the third time this season. After the game, the announcer had the crowd countdown from ten and then the ballpark lights were turned off. The fireworks were awesome. The sky was so dark, and from our vantage point (on the hill above where the fireworks were being set off), the explosions filled the sky and the sound of the bursts reverberated around the hills. While walking back to the house, Matt said, "Thanks for convincing me to go. That was fun." That made the whole night complete.

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