Thursday, March 06, 2003

Promotion of War by The Media

The President will give a press conference on prime-time tv tonight to sort of pre-empt whatever comes out tomorrow when Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector Hans Blix delivers his report on Iraqi efforts to comply with arms demands. I'll probably watch it since Friends is a repeat.

It has come up time and time again that this potential war with Iraq is being pushed by the media. I agree with the thought. You watch CNN or any of the news channels/national newscasts and there seems to be this leaning towards a war or the assumption that it's going to happen. It's as if peace is not an option. And from a monetary standpoint, war is profitable. If and when Bush decides to drop the bombs and set our troops loose, I'm sure it will be broadcast on any and every news source available. The owners of these newstations must be salivating at the thought of captive viewers. So why not promote war? Why not increase the hysteria? Most television stations are concerned with the bottom line these days, not unbiased reporting. My opinion at any rate.

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