Sunday, March 23, 2003


This being one of the first weekends I've been home in about a month, I decided to clean. I mean, get up at 9am on a Saturday morning and clean. The kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, spare bedroom, our bedroom, and other miscellaneous items felt the power of my sponge and vacuum. I haven't really tackled the computer/entertainment room since it's not in too bad of shape. Matt calls this my "nesting phase" of the month. Once I start cleaning, it becomes almost compulsive since I can't seem to stop. I always see something else that could be tended to, like that dirty baseboard by the front door. The good thing about this is that I can go through the rest of this busy week with a house that's in some sort of order. Now if I can only keep up on dishes *gives pointed look to coffee cup left on desk by Matt*

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