Monday, March 24, 2003

Dam.. That's Cool

Matt and I took a mini-Sunday drive down into Warren, PA to look at the Kinzua Dam. I had never been down there and decided it was a must-see due to all the snow melt we've had along with rain this past week. If you follow the link above, you can see a picture of the side of the dam where the water output is. When we were there yesterday, four gates(?) on the bottom were open with water shooting out with incredible force. It was like Niagara Falls horizontal. That seems like an exaggeration, but there really was quite a bit of water being let out. The other cool thing near the dam was the cliff that rose up next to the road. First there were signs to watch for falling rocks, and then signs to watch for falling ice. The latter was self-explanatory once you saw the huge slabs of ice still clinging to the rock wall. There were several streams running off the top of the cliff, forming mini-waterfalls. It was quite breathtaking since I didn't expect to see anything like that. I told Matt we need to go back when the Visitor's Center is open in the summer. I guess we're just geeks after all :-)

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